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Bill’s Piano Service—A Message From Bill

“I went into pipe organ building, tuning, and repairing out of my passion for music. I also was trained and began working for a well-known master builder and tuner. Through developing an ‘ear’ for tone and recognizing an out-of-tune instrument, I was able to apply this knowledge to pianos. I traveled with my father, then settled down in the Northwoods area to semi-retire. My dad retired with honors in 2005 when I was able to accept the challenges of everyday tuning and repair. I made sure every instrument always sounded its best. My personal mission is to make sure that every piano and pipe organ ‘sounds its best one note at a time.’ No matter what level of a musician you are, call me anytime! I am available to talk with you about your piano or organ needs.

Many musical thanks for all of your talents.”

Bill Nienaber

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